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West Side

About Studio

The main highlight of the West Side Studio is a cement wall with 3 light pink standing arches – a perfect backdrop for your photoshoot. The rest of the studio is all grey, with grey ceilings and dark stained floors. The studio has two oversized 13 ft tall windows, large double doors, and folding doors that join the room together with the East Side. The studio room is south facing and has 900 feet of shooting space.

  • Grey room with cement and light pink accents.

  • 3 light pink arches (each arch is 44” wide and 10 ft tall).

  • Original exposed brick wall with 2 oversized factory windows facing South. Each window is over 12 ft wide.

  • Matte grey wall with grand wainscotting details from floor to ceiling.

  • Motorized light-diffusing blinds and blackout blinds on each window.

  • Ideal for portraits, engagement sessions, weddings, events.

  • The studio can be connected with the East Side (ideal for hosting events).

Mood Board for West Side

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