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About Studio

The Lounge is a very versatile 550 sq ft room and the most eclectic space in our studio. This room has textured walls with beautiful Moroccan-themed arches and wooden floors. The large arch is 6 feet wide by 9 feet tall with a bench for sitting, and the standing arch is almost 2 feet wide and 7.5 feet tall. The room also has an elevated pedestal with two sets of stairs. The Lounge is all about textures and is fully furnished with Marrakech-themed props and greenery.

It’s perfect for editorials, family, engagements, and wedding photographs.

  • Destination-themed studio room with pale hardwood floors and textured walls in light shades of pink and sand.

  • 1 large window facing south.

  • High key natural light during sunny days and softer light during afternoons / cloudy days.

  • Textured stucco walls and surfaces.

  • Beautiful double doors with millwork.

  • Two Moroccan-inspired pointed arches.

  • Small elevated platform with two sets of stairs.

Mood Board for Lounge

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